Our padlocks

Heavy Duty Combination

A reliable and solid 4 dial combination padlock which requires a key to set or change the code. Suitable for normal outdoor conditions in the UK. Available in both short and long shackle versions.

Classic Brass

A range of affordable, well made locks available in 4 sizes. The shackles are hardened and chrome plated. Suitable for normal outdoor conditions but not marine grade. All sizes available in Keyed Alike sets of any quantity.

Masterkey Combination

Our famous master keyed combination lock is the culmination of many years of development and hard work. The key can open the lock and, if required, reset the combination. Most commonly used in schools for inspecting lockers, discovering a forgotten code or reissuing to new pupils.

Marine Combination

Our award winning rustfree padlock won "Best Buy" when a yachting magazine tested it in a salt water acceleration chamber simulating over 20 years corrosion resistance. We challenge any other combination padlock to come close!

Locker Combination

We developed this model as a reliable, durable & cost effective solution for school & gym lockers. There are many cheap copies in the market now but not all are made to be pick resistant and capable of enduring frequent use.

Marine Keyed

This range is still in development. We're trying to produce a lock from 316 stainless which is both cost effective and highly corrosion resistant. Most other brands use substandard stainless steel and poor mechanisms. Until we're happy our locks could withstand 20 years in a marine environment, we wont be happy! Watch this space.

where to buy


We have chosen Nothing But Padlocks to distribute on our behalf. You can contact them for both Retail and Wholesale orders.

about us

We are a small padlock manufacturer and innovate to fill  gaps in the padlock industry. We try to create reliable and cost effective products which are either unique or function at a better level than what is available by other brands. We do not claim to manufacture all our products in the UK but they are designed and developed here and we try to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We only use non plastic recyclable packaging and we do not use airfreight.

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